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We have had a flood where do we go from here?

Make sure the source of the water escape has been shut off or repaired. Call a certified restoration firm to begin mitigation of the escape. 1-877-248-0444small whole show logo transparent

Are you certified to perform work of this type?

Yes we are. The majority of our staff are certified by the IICRC. Please feel free to view IICRC's website at:
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What is the difference between emergency work and repair work?

Emergency work needs to take place to mitigate any possible secondary damage to the dwelling or contents. Repair work is work to be done after the emergency work has been completed. Many times the repair work is first quoted and then scheduled.
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What is your response time now that we've called you?

We try to respond to all losses within 60 minutes of receiving the initial emergency call; however depending on location it may take a little longer to attend the dwelling, especially in remote or rural locations. All emergency calls are guaranteed have a response within 10 minutes in relation to the initial phone call. 1-877-248-0444
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Do you charge me to come out and look at my situation?

In most cases we do not charge to do an initial inspection of the dwelling*. Once we have determined the cause of your situation we notify your broker or insurance adjuster so that they may make an educated decision with regards to your coverage.
*Mold assessments may be an exception
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Do I need to hire all the sub-trades or can your company do that from beginning to the end?

Our company is a full service, single source, general contractor. In most cases we are capable of handling and scheduling all sub-contractors required for repair.
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How do we know that everything is dry enough to proceed with the repair work?

Throughout the drying procedure moisture measurements are taken of all building materials. Our firm has in its possession documents which pre-determine what dry standard measurements apply to building materials within our area. Drying is not completed on your dwelling until we have reached a standard moisture measurement that is within 4 points of the local standards.small whole show logo transparent

I found black mold or (asbestos). What do I do?

Our mold removal work is generally only related to insurance claims.- To find out if you are eligible for our mold removal services, please contact your insurance agent.
Contractors requiring as asbestos abatement can contact us by calling 1-877-248-0444. An AHERA Certified Building Inspector will meet with you on your jobsite to discuss a plan and provide a quotation.small whole show logo transparent
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    I'm pleased and impressed with The Whole Show Restorations Inc.; their workers are reliable, competent and easy to communicate with. They always let me know when they would be here, what they were doing and generous with their time to answer any questions I had. They did a good job. I'm happy with the results and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. -Karen N.

    They were MIRACLE WORKERS. They kept me informed about what had to be done, who was doing the work and it was amazing how smooth everything went. Thank you for being there when I needed help. Everyone was wonderful and very kind and courteous. -Jessie S.
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    Proud winner of the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Outstanding Service

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    The Whole Show was outstanding from day 1 until completion. Every person we encountered was kind, well informed, and did their very best to help in any way they could. They arrived with one hour of our flood! I just can't recommend them highly enough. Took wonderful care of us when we needed them  -Larry G.

    I would highly recommend! Polite and thorough! -Nonie W.
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    Members of the Parksville and Alberni Valley Chambers of Commerce

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    Everyone was amazing, professional, and I am very grateful for the phenomenal work. -Jacqueline G.

    Just wanted to say thank you and how impressed we were with your service.  Everyone we dealt with were just awesome.  Thanks again. -Gail B.
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    You are very kind and compassionate and that went a long way. We did a walk through and everything looks great! It is now on the market. We let First Insurance know what a great restoration team you have. Again, a BIG THANK YOU!!  -Family of Celia E.

    You are very kind and compassionate and that went a long way.  We did a walk through and everything looks great! We let our broker know what a great restoration team you have.  -Lorna B.
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    5 star! Being new to this area I asked around after a shutoff valve let go and we had water in our second bedroom. 7 out of 8 people recommended TWS. Being that I wanted to support a local company I called them the next day and everyone that I have come in contact with from the first phone call have been very knowledgeable, honest and kind.  -Sandy C.

    Not a single complaint around any one of them and huge kudos to everyone who came out to our house.  You have done well to choose fabulous people to work with you and people who clearly understand clients/customers and know the stress that they feel going through such an experience.    -John T.
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    Everyone was amazing, professional, and I am very grateful for the phenomenal work -Jacqueline G.

    I would like to thank Whole Show Restorations for correcting a problem with my home.  Whole Show Restorations stood behind their work, where others would have walked away,  -Cindy P.

    We greatly appreciated your team-work, excellent attitudes and problem-solving as we worked through the restoration of our home. -Nancy R. & Neil C.